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Sing It Simply at the Start: Message Segmentation Doesn’t Always Work in Initial Student Contact

Emily Bauer Aug 24, 2016

Sometimes I wish I could get Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber to introduce partner schools to prospective college students. Teens would respond to pop stars, right?

The wistful sighs of my enrollment officer colleagues remind me that, alas, Selena and Justin are probably pretty busy performing in sold-out stadiums, so we are left with the very real challenge of figuring out to how to best make our initial connection with our targeted teens. With celebrity “shout-outs” scratched from our strategy list, we return to a founding principle of the Communication 101 class offered on our campuses: Tailor your message to your audience.

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From Elusive to Engaged: Five Proven Strategies to Reach Prospective Graduate Students

Jennie Bailey Aug 8, 2016

My classmates and I graduated from college in 2008. With our undergraduate diplomas in hand and the financial markets in shambles, we entered one of the toughest and most competitive job markets in history. I was lucky to land a position at Royall & Company; others were not so lucky. Many of my peers rushed back to school to earn an advanced degree that would better position them to get their dream job (or really, ANY job). Little did we know at the time, but that was a turning point for graduate schools. After the dust settled and the job market rebounded, a new, more discerning graduate student began to emerge.

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Energize Your Annual Giving: Reach Young Donors

Dana Gresko Jul 27, 2016

Key to any fundraising organization is understanding what motivates donors. This is especially important for institutions as the pool of young alumni donors continues to grow.

But in the world of Advancement, “young” is complex.

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Pop Your Response Rates with a Pop Culture Interactive Offer

Emily Bauer Jun 27, 2016

Pop quiz! Which of the following movies most closely reflects your institution?

A. Good Will Hunting
B. Animal House
C. Harry Potter
D. Higher Learning

No perfect match? No problem. Chances are the question made you smile and think about how all four answers could sometimes reflect your school. For most people, quizzes like this are fun. We are a self-reflective bunch—we like to be asked about ourselves and are invested in our answers. At Royall we’ve learned that the college search process lends itself surprisingly well to this kind of engagement tactic.

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What May 1 Does, and Doesn't Tell You

Anna Swanson Jun 14, 2016

May 1, as well as the days and weeks that follow, always ends up being an emotionally charged time for admission professionals all around the country and for those of us in the Royall & Company and Hardwick Day offices as well.

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What we learned by going “shopping” for student feedback

Emily Bauer Jun 13, 2016

Many famous actors and models have a “big break” story – getting spotted by the right person in a bar, on the street or at that quintessential teenage watering hole, the shopping mall.

There’s a reason talent scouts frequent small-town malls looking for their next clients: Small-town malls are ideal places to encounter young people in their natural environment. So, when our Web design team needed to evaluate potential updates to our partner schools’ online applications, it seemed appropriate that we, too, head to the mall to seek real-time reactions from our ultimate audience, high school students.

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Six Questions to Ask When You're Considering Outsourcing Annual Giving

Paul Mylott Jun 1, 2016

You have a to-do list a mile long. I don’t need to be looking over your shoulder to know that. I talk to a lot of advancement leaders, and it’s one thing everyone has in common. With tuition revenue pressure and state funding cuts, there is an increasing burden on advancement to take up the slack. That means more pressure and more work—and often with the same size staff to do it with.

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Growing your slice of the graduate enrollment pie

Jennie Bailey May 18, 2016

In my job at Royall, I’ve got one foot in the graduate enrollment boat and the other in undergraduate. Straddling both worlds gives me a unique perspective on the enrollment practices in each.

I’ve heard from an increasing number of people at both graduate and undergraduate institutions who are trying to grow nontraditional and graduate enrollment. As national yield rates decrease and the number of college-bound students declines, many schools are looking to nontraditional revenue streams as a way to achieve net tuition revenue goals.

The schools that are on track to grow graduate enrollment are using strategic marketing in their recruitment efforts. One thing that continually strikes me is that this trend—commonplace in undergraduate enrollment—has yet to gain much traction on the graduate side.

To that end, I have a piece of advice for graduate enrollment leaders: if you want to increase your graduate enrollment, you need to think not just about the size of the whole pie but also about the size of your slice of it.

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6 Ways to Power Next Year's Enrollment—Starting Now [Infographic]

Michael Koppenheffer May 17, 2016

Hopefully, the passage of May 1 has allowed you to take your first breaths of spring air. But even if your admissions team is still focused on improving yield, the summer is about to provide an important opportunity to reenergize your recruitment practices.

With this in mind, we've created an infographic distilling hundreds of insights from our partnerships into six action items for Fiscal Year 2017. 

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How do students really feel about affordability? Here's what they told us.

It goes without saying that affordability is important to students and their parents.  Just how important, though—in what ways, and for which populations—has been much harder to get a read on.  Data from our recent survey research on affordability sheds new light on exactly these questions.

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